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Main antagonist


Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bowser is the main antagonist of the Super Mario Galaxy series. He is king of the koopas, and his son is Bowser Jr.

Super Mario Galaxy Edit

Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach by using a UFO device to take away Princess Peach's castle. Bowser uses the power of the stars to make his own galaxy in the middle of the universe. He is later defeated by Mario at the center of the universe.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Edit

Bowser uses the power of the Grand Stars to grow gigantic to try to stop Mario.

Trivia Edit

  • Bowser is the boss that is fought the most in the Super Mario Galaxy game alone; Bowser Jr. has been fought three times, like Bowser, but never solo. He has fought with Megaleg, an Airship, and King Kaliente.