Bubble Blast Galaxy

The Bubble Blast Galaxy from the sky

The Bubble Blast Galaxy is a space labyrinth filled with lasers, cannons and bullet bills. It is a more advanced version of Bubble Breeze Galaxy. It is one of the three trials galaxies. The labyrinth is navigated via bubble, and one zap from a laser or a blast from a cannon would send Mario falling.

Planets Edit

There are two main "planets" in Bubble Blast Galaxy.

The first one you encounter involves the player to get five Star Chips in five different areas. After all five chips are collected, a Launch Star will appear and send you to the next planet.

The second planet will give you a checkpoint just incase the player dies. There is one linear path to follow with plenty of bullet bill launchers and spinning platforms. After dodging an onslaught of Bullet Bills, Mario will get the Power Star.