Cosmic Mario
Cosmic Mario
Cosmic Mario, as he appears in Super Mario Galaxy
Species Cosmic Clone
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy

Cosmic Mario is a character that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. His physical shape is identical to Mario, while his outer appearance is blue with stars all over, as if he were made out of cosmic matter. He also has an unusually high-pitched voice. If Mario or Luigi enter a galaxy when a Cosmic Comet is orbiting a galaxy, Cosmic Mario appears at the beginning at the level and challenges the player to a race. The player must then race through numerous obstacles and reach the finish before Cosmic Mario to earn a Power Star. If Cosmic Mario manages to reach the Power Star first, Mario will lose a life and must restart the race. Colliding with him during the race causes Star Bits to fly out.

If the player is playing as Luigi, Cosmic Luigi will appear in place of Cosmic Mario. Cosmic Luigi utilizes shortcuts and many long jumps. As a result, he is faster and much more difficult to beat than Cosmic Mario.

Similar entities based on Cosmic Mario appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the form of the Cosmic Clones and Cosmic Spirit.

Trivia Edit

  • Cosmic Mario is similar to Spooky Speedster, as they race Mario for a Power Star and take a life if he loses.
  • Attacking either Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Luigi results in Star Bits.

Gallery Edit

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