“Are you in need of a helping hand? Would you like me to guide you to the Power Star?”
Cosmic Spirit, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Cosmic Spirit
The Cosmic Spirit, from Super Mario Galaxy 2
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Cosmic Spirit is a character in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that resembles Rosalina.

When Mario talks to her, she asks if he needs to be shown the way to get to a Star. If the player agrees to do so, the Cosmic Spirit will transform into a blue orb and encircle Mario's body, gaining control of him and carry out the Cosmic Guide mode (similar to the Super Guide). Unlike the Super Guide, the Cosmic Spirit won't disappear, even when the level is completed without her. The Cosmic Spirit will lead Mario to the Power Star without collecting coins or Star Bits along the way. If the player feels that they can take care of the rest, they can press the plus button on the Wii Remote to regain control of Mario. However, upon activating the Cosmic Guide, the Power Star will instantly degrade to a Bronze Star. The player should keep note however that the Cosmic Spirit will not appear unless the player loses too many lives trying to get a certain star, whether it is the player's first time through or while revisiting the level. She appears in every world, but not in every galaxy.

The Cosmic Spirit has some similarities to Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi; they're all cosmic counterparts to actual characters (Cosmic Spirit to Rosalina; Cosmic Mario to Mario; Cosmic Luigi to Luigi). However, the main difference between them is that Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi antagonize the player, instead of helping the player.

Trivia Edit

  • Bowser Jr's Fiery Flotilla is the only boss galaxy in which the Cosmic Spirit appears, and therefore the only galaxy where one can potentially get a bronze Grand Star if she was used.
  • The Cosmic Spirit never appears for Luigi, no matter how many times the player dies. If she was already seen in a certain level, she will reappear when the player switches back to Mario.

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