Mario flying to the Deep Dark Galaxy.

Deep Dark Galaxy has a night scene and an underground lake. It is in Super Mario Galaxy. The player starts off on the beach of Deep Dark Galaxy and discover an underground ghost ship and Guppy.


Deep Dark PlanetEdit

The main planet where there is an underground lake and a beach. There is a cannon in the middle of the beach.

Baseball PlanetEdit

A brown baseball like planet with pink electrogoombas, a sling star and a fire flower, this planet is often visited due to the need of the fire flower to light up flame torches

Gateway ModelEdit

A tiny model of | Gateway Galaxy's main planet. When you unscrew a screw from the side, it starts shrinking revealing a ring of Coins.

Cheap Cheap Pond PlanetEdit

A small planet with a pond and cheap-cheaps. To activate the bubble blaster, you need to ground-pound all 3 stomps.

Watermelon Ball PlanetEdit

There is a tiny watermelon in the middle that grows when the tennis balls rolling around it is ground-pounded into the watermelon.

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