Mario flying to Dusty Dune Galaxy.


Mario in Dusty Dune Galaxy.

Dusty Dune Galaxy is a big desert with lots of sand and some floating sandy platforms, appear for the first time in Super Mario Galaxy. It is accessed via the Bedroom with a minimum of 29 stars. This galaxy contains a green star.


Two-Land PlanetEdit

A planet in the sand made of two planets, has been used for the starting planet for two times.

Sand Tower PlanetEdit

A tower with need of wall jumps to get to the top, at the top there is running sand which will push you off the edge unless you jump everytime you land.

Rock CircleEdit

A circle with rocks rolling around, and at the middle is a small planet with a rainbow star at the bottom.

Sandy RiverEdit

A river where you will need to find 5 blue star chips to form a pull star path.

Two Side PlainsEdit

A planet which the two sides are both accessable through holes. This planet has bumpy stones and a giant staircase at one side.