Freezeflame Galaxy as it appear from the dome.

Freezeflame Galaxy is a galaxy first appear in Super Mario Galaxy. It contains both ice and fire elements.


Frozen Peak Planet Edit

This planet is the freeze part of Freezeflame. The planet is full of snow and cold water that can only be crossed safely with an ice flower. It has a lake in the front and a giant mountain in the back. The mountain is home to the Baron Brrr.

Lava Rock Planet Edit

This planet is the flame part of Freezeflame. The planet is split into two halves, each with their own gravity. The ground is mostly made of lava.

Hot and Cold Ball Edit

This planet is spherical in shape. One side of the planet is full of cold water while the other side is made of lava.

Platforms of Lava and Ice Edit

These planets are made of platforms that alter gravity. They are either made of pure ice or pure lava. There are also a few platforms made of rock with snow on them. Ice flowers are used to get across the platforms. This is where the mission "Frosty Cosmic Mario Race" takes place.

Trivia Edit

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