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Gateway Galaxy is the first galaxy that Mario goes in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the first place Star Bunnies and Rosalina are introduced. Lumas are also properly introduced here. After completing this galaxy, you will be transported to the Comet Observatory. The Gateway Galaxy can not be accessed again until power is brought to the Garden. However, only the starting planet can be accessed.

Planets Edit

The Starting Planet Edit

The starting planet is a spherical planet which is very lively. There is a Stonehenge and there are two houses. There are many flower patches which if you run in them you will get starbits and coins. After you find the bunny luma, They'll meet you at the top of the planet and there would be a ramp to the top of that, where you would properly meet Rosalina.

Holey Planet Edit

After properly meeting Rosalina and getting the power to spin, a luma will transform into launch star and will go to this planet. This planet has a lot going on. There are meteors crashing down there are the smaller weaker goombas.

Robotic Planets Edit

Flipswitch Factory Edit


  • This is the only galaxy that is visited twice non-consecutively.
  • It is the only galaxy that has planets that can only be visited once.