Gearmos are robots that are seen in a few galaxies through both Super Mario Galaxy games. Their main purpose is to keep industrial galaxies, such as in Battlerock Galaxy and Upside Dizzy Galaxy, functional. Because of this, they are depicted as maintenance robots to Mario. They are also in charge of the blow up trash minigame, in Galaxy 1, and the Fire Flower box minigame, in Galaxy 2.

Appearance Edit

Gearmos are robots that are slightly smaller than Mario.

History Edit

Super Mario Galaxy Edit

Toy Time Galaxy Edit

Gearmos are caught by Mecha Bowser. Mario must free them.

Battlerock Galaxy Edit

A gearmo needs Mario to use Bombs to blow up trash people have put on places where it shouldn't be. He gives you thirty seconds to do this and, if you do, you get a Power Star(for both galaxies).

Dreadnought Galaxy Edit

Buoy Base Galaxy Edit

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Edit


  • Jumping on their heads, causes their gear hair to jump slightly out of their head.

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