Good Egg Galaxy as it appear in the game.


Mario flying to the Good Egg Galaxy.

Good Egg Galaxy is the second galaxy that Mario ventures in the first game. It is the first galaxy within the Terrace dome. It is a galaxy which, unlike many of the others in the game, does not have a set theme such as ice or fire. Rather, it mainly consists of multiple small planetoids and a variety of different themes that usually contradict each other. Because of this, it is arguably the most 'true' galaxy with a pure space theme. The galaxy starts on a planet with a garden and a house on top and a castle at the bottom. Dino Piranha and King Kaliente are fought in this galaxy.


Starting PlanetEdit

The Starting Planet consists of a small house, a tower, pipes and some bridges that stick to the ground.

Peanut PlanetEdit

A planet shaped like a peanut with boulders rolling around. You need to find five star chips to generate a launch star to the Flat Green Planet.

Flat Green PlantetEdit

A flat green planet with a brick in the ground.

Bitten Apple PlanetEdit

This planet represents a bitten apple as for its shape. At the top of the bitten apple is a pink piranha plant, which will cause a long leaf stem appear.

Block Climbing PlanetEdit

Block Climbing Planet as its name, means that the player must climb up the rocks to get to the launch star which was frozen in an ice crystal.

Dino Piranha PlanetEdit

This is the planet where you will fight the Dino Piranha.


Normal StarsEdit

Dino PiranhaEdit

In this level you must defeat the first boss of the game, a cross between a dinosaur and a piranha plant. The Dino Piranha

A Snack of Cosmic ProportionsEdit

In this level you encounter your first Hungry Luma. Once fed, it will transform into the planet with the Power Star.

King Kaliente's Battle FleetEdit

Here you find a boss that fires coconuts, which you must hit back it at to destroy.

Secret StarsEdit

Luigi On The RoofEdit

If Luigi is found in the Ghostly Galaxy, he will appear here after you receive mail from the Mailtoad. Once Luigi is found (on top of the house) he will give you a star.

Prankster CometsEdit

Dino Paranha Speed RunEdit

A speed run of the Dino Piranha level.

Purple Coin OmeletEdit

The first purple coin level. Travel around to find 100 purple coins


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