The Grandmaster Galaxy from the Mario's ship

The Grandmaster Galaxy is the last galaxy appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, being the hardest one in the game. To unlock it, the player must collect all the 240 Stars (120 Gold + 120 Green) of the game.


Flower Grapple PlanetEdit

The first area is where Mario must use Yoshi to swing on the flower grapples to reach the Launch Star. There are several obstacles along the way, such as Mines and Bullet Bills. Paragoombas also appear in the first mission; they are replaced by Choppahs in the second mission.

Flipswitch Planet Edit

After using the Launch Star from the first planet, Mario lands on a planet with Flipswitches, with a backdrop showing moving sprites of items from Super Mario Bros.. The player must touch all 21 Flipswitches (while avoiding Sentry Beams) to reveal the Launch Star.

Electric Maze AreaEdit

After landing, Mario finds a Cloud Flower and a fan producing an upward gust. Mario must use the Cloud Flower to make it to the Launch Star at the end of the maze. More Flowers are supplied along the way.

Platform Planets:Edit

This area contains planets that are made up of many platforms that have electric walls moving through them. Also, platforms that shrink and platforms that move when Mario spins appear here too. Octopuses do pop up along the way. Electric force field devices are also found here. Mario must avoid all obstacles and reach the Launch Star at the end.

Pull Star AreaEdit

Final Castle Area Edit

This planet is highly infested with Hammer Bros., and Mario has to get past them to reach the other side. Flimps are also present in this area.

These series of mini platforms are decorated like a Bowser Castle.

The ending platform has three Boomerang Bros. that Mario must take out. Defeating them reveals a Power Star (or a Launch Star in the Daredevil run).

The Comet Medal for this galaxy is on the far right side of these planets, next to some platforms (as shown on the screenshot). Replacing the Comet Medal in the Daredevil run is a 1-up Mushroom.

The Gate PlanetEdit

his planet is only accessed during the Daredevil run. It's a small planet with a small house built on it. Mario meets Rosalina on this planet, which strongly resembles the Gate in Super Mario Galaxy. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom behind the house.