Mario in one of gusty garden's planets


Mario in Gusty Garden Galaxy.

Gusty Garden Galaxy is the first galaxy unlocked in the Bedroom in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a galaxy full of grass, flowers, plants and living things. The music in this galaxy has been brilliantly performed by the "Super Mario Galaxy" Orchestra and is shown on Youtube as a popular orchestra music video. Main animals living in this galaxy are Star Bunnies. Here you will learn how to use the Floaty Fluff to fly to different planets.


Floaty Fluff PlanetsEdit

There are plenty of these planets that has Floaty Fluff on the top of them, right next to them are wind blowers.

Apple PlanetsEdit

These planets are made of three apples, and a worm connecting them when either stomp on both sides of an apple is flattened.

Major Burrows PlanetEdit

This is a planet with a big tree and Major Burrows, digging up the ground, here you will have to save a bunny by defeating Major Burrows.


  • The music of Gusty Garden Galaxy has been used many times in the game, like in purple coin mission music, ending music, and most of all its own galaxy's music.