Mario ray-surfing in Loopdeeloop Galaxy.

Loopdeeloop Galaxy is the first bonus galaxy unlocked in Super Mario Galaxy. It is made up of some floating platforms and a large ray-surfing river. The player has to get the power star by ray-surfing and also breaking the record set in the game of one minute and thirty seconds.

It can be unlocked after five Power Stars are collected.

Planets Edit

Starting Planet Edit

The starting planet is where Mario goes to talk to the big penguin.

Ray Surfing Course Edit

This planet is made entirely of water and is shaped like a race-track. Mario competes in ray-surfing here. This planet contains different-colored hoops to go through. The gold-colored finish line hoop is shaped like a sunburst.

Podium Planet Edit

This planet is where Mario is earned a Power Star after completing the ray surfing competition.

Levels Edit

Surfing 101 Edit

Description Edit

It's the big ray-surfing competition in the galaxy!

Gameplay Edit

Mario will go to the big penguin behind the stating line. The penguin will ask him if he can teach him how to surf on a ray before he challenges him for a ray surfing competition. Mario is at the starting line and the race begins. The player uses the Wiimote to control Mario through the water without falling off the course. When Mario reaches the finish line, the big penguin congratulates him and earns him a Power Star.

Trivia Edit

  • There are no loops despite the galaxy's name.