Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Area World 2 
Boss(es) Bugaboom 
Level(s) The Puzzling Picture Block

Bugaboom's Back
Purple Coin Shadow Vault
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3

Stars Staricon Staricon Staricon

Puzzle Plank Galaxy is a galaxy in the World 2 of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a galaxy full of wooden planks and blocks. The main enemies are Wigglers, Grinders and Mandibugs. Most of the wood in the galaxy are scheduled for cutting, activated only when Mario gets near. Bugaboom is the boss of this galaxy.


The Puzzling Picture BlockEdit

This is the 1st level of the galaxy. The player will have to travel across some planets that are loose, some planets are being cutted by Grinders. The player will finally reach a picture block planet and have to fix it.

Bugaboom's BackEdit

This is a secret level. You will have to first feed a Hungry Luma an amount of coins, then it will transform into 3 planets that resemble a wooden version of the old Bugaboom boss battle back from Honeyhive Galaxy.

Purple Coin Shadow VaultEdit

The player will have to collect 100 purple coins in a room with Cosmic Clones within a time limit.

Green Star 1Edit

The 1st green star is above the ? Block on the Peanut Block Planet. The player will have to use the Spring to advance higher to reach it.

Green Star 2Edit

The 2nd green star is hovering above a vertical wooden plank right before the green wall jump boards. The player will have to backflip on the semi-circle shaped plank revealed after the vertical plank falls.

Green Star 3Edit

The 3rd green star is below some wooden planks that are right after the pink stack of planks. The player will have to step on the corresponding plank and wait for it to fall.