Spin-Dig Galaxy
Area World 1 
Boss(es) Digga-Leg 
Level(s) Digga Leg's Planet

Silver Stars Down Deep
Digga Leg's Daredevil Run

Stars Staricon Staricon Staricon GreenStarIcon GreenStarIcon GreenStarIcon

Spin-Dig Galaxy is a galaxy found in the World 1 of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is the introductory stage of using the Drill. Mario battles Digga-Leg in this galaxy. The planets are mainly made out of dirt that can be drilled through. The main enemies are digggas and goombas.


Digga Leg's PlanetEdit

This is the 1st mission of Spin-Dig Galaxy. You will learn how to use the drill in this mission and battle Digga-Leg at the end of the mission. The power star is revealed once Digga-Leg is defeated. Digga Leg is a mini version of Megaleg in Super Mario Galaxy 1

Silver Stars Down DeepEdit

In this mission, you will have to drill underground in a purple bunker planet and a dirt circle to uncover silver stars, whcih form the Power Star

Digga Leg's Daredevil Run=Edit

This is a daredevil run of the 1st mission. You only have 1 life.

Green Star 1Edit

Green Star 1 is located above the edge of the planet with dirt towers. You will have to perform back-flips to reach it.

Green Star 2Edit

Green Star 2 is located above some moving platforms on the circular planet. You will have to triple jump to reach it.

Green Star 3Edit

Green Star 3 is located at the end of a dirt tunnel in the Purple Bunker Planet. You will have to intentionally get hit by the Digga and back flip to reach it.