Super Luigi Galaxy is a game inside of Super Mario Galaxy. After collecting 120 Stars as Mario, you will be able to play as Luigi. Luigi plays different that Mario however. For starters, Luigi loses air while spinning underwater. He runs faster, jumps bother higher and shorter and comes to a "rolling stop".

Some missions in Super Luigi Galaxy had name changes. These changes are:

  • Mario Meets Mario is changed to Luigi Meets Mario.
  • Bee Mario takes flight is changed to Bee Luigi takes flight.
  • Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race is changed to Honeyhive Cosmic Luigi Race.
  • Frosty Mario Cosmic Race is changed to Frosty Luigi Cosmic Race.
  • Cosmic Mario Forest Race is changed to Cosmic Luigi Forest Race.
  • Underwater Cosmic Mario Race is changed to Underwater Cosmic Luigi Race.

Trivia Edit

  • Luigi is unlocked by getting all 120 stars as Mario, so it is impossible to get Luigi first, even using hacks.