On top of Wikia's rules, here are a few rules of our own. They may seem annoying, but they are easy to to follow. Please read them through.

Major Rules

Breaking one of these rules can get you banned immediately. Please read them before editing!

  1. Do not copy right off another source. No matter how tempting it may be, do not copy. It's called plagiarism, a form of theft. Please make all the pages in this wiki original.
  2. Do not threaten anyone. Whether your joking around or being serious, you will be resulted in immediate ban. Racism also falls under this rule.
  3. Do not create fan pages. For example, please do not add a page for Wario or Super Mario Galaxy 3. They are not official.

Minor Rules

Breaking one of these rules will get you a warning. Breaking them too often will result in a ban.

  1. Cussing. Cussing is a big no on this wiki. Please, there may be small children here. If you feel the need to cuss, just star it out. (ex: ****)
  2. Following people and undoing their edits. Unless they are vandalizing, do not follow someone around an delete all their hard work. This has happened to many people on several wikis. You can call this what ever you want. Stalking, trolling, hounding, ect.
  3. Do not spam for badges. We don't care how much you want them, please keep our wiki clean and free of spam.
  4. Pictures must be related to Super Mario Galaxy. They will be deleted if they break this rule. Photos put in with outside URLs on your userpage is fine.

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