“They call me The Chimp. Seems like you may be a worthy high-climbing rival. Take this Power Star! We'll talk later...”
The Chimp, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Chimp
200px-The Chimp Artwork
Species Monkey
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Chimp is a blue monkey NPC appearing in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He resembles a blue-furred Ukiki with sunglasses and a piece of long yellow and blue hair sticking out over his head similar to Iggy's, and he exhibits a competitive nature. Mario meets The Chimp in Fluffy Bluff Galaxy just after finding Captain Toad, when he shows interest in a climbing race against the plumber after watching him using the Cloud Flower. The Chimp later challenges Mario to a contest where he has to stomp on enemies and collect the coins, to get 10,000 points or more, with a time limit of two minutes (120 seconds).

The Chimp

Mario meets the Chimp.

Later, he appears in Freezy Flake Galaxy, where he challenges Mario to a Whack-a-Mole style of game, where Mario has to get 500 points or more while avoiding the spiky Gummits and hitting the green or gold ones.


The Chimp giving Mario a Power Star after completing The Chimp's Bowling Challenge.

In Melty Monster Galaxy's Secret Star, Mario needs to knockdown Pinheads with the Rock Mushroom. Getting 5,000 points or more, the Chimp gives him a Power Star. He next shows up in the Shiverburn Galaxy and challenges Mario to another skating challenge but with 600 points as the target score. Even after, he appears in Honeyhop Galaxy, where Mario needs to defeat enemies to get points. If the player gets 10,000 points or more within the two minute time limit, The Chimp will give Mario another Power Star.

He makes his final appearance in the Slimy Spring Galaxy, where he challenges Mario to another point challenge. This challenge is unique, however, in that it is done mostly underwater, where Mario must shine a shell's light on Snoodles and Boos. If the player can defeat this challenge and score 10,000 points or more in 180 seconds (three minutes), he gives the player a star after requesting that Mario teaches him some of his moves.

Trivia Edit

  • The Chimp is the only competitor character to not directly challenge Mario to races.
  • If the player fails a mission that was delivered to them via mail, they will lose a life. But if they fail a secret mission like the ice skating challenge, they will start over.

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