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The Toad Brigade in the Prologue of Super Mario Galaxy

The Toad Brigade is a group of toads that help Mario in his adventures. There is a member of five toads, each toad has a position in the brigade that provides service and contribution. The Toad Brigade have spaceships that are called starshrooms.

The BrigadeEdit

Captain ToadEdit

Captain Toad is the leader of the Toad Brigade. He is the red toad and wears a headlight on his forehead. He is seen trapped in a treasure chest twice when looking for Power Stars. He has been proven scared of certain enemies in the game. He also confessed that he is only helping Mario for a holiday in the universe.


Banktoad is the green toad of the brigade. He sometimes carries a pickaxe just for digging and breaking certain items. He sometimes moans just because the captain orders him to do heavy work. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he becomes the Banktoad. He can store up to 9999 star bits for the player. He changes his appearance at certain increments of star bits, along with rewarding the player with 1-ups. His service extends out to other save files.


The Mailtoad is the purple toad of the brigade. He delivers mail to Mario/Luigi. Sometimes Mario returns to the spot where he is standing when he collects a power star to get 1-ups, informed about a competition, challenge or help request from a galaxy. He is sometimes seen working at galaxies, as ordered by the Captain.

Sleepy ToadEdit

The Sleepy Toad is the yellow toad of the brigade. He is often seen sleeping on the floor in Super Mario Galaxy, but is less sleepy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is sometimes seen working, as ordered by the captain, but ends up tiredly sleeping on the ground.

Glasses ToadEdit

The Glasses Toad is the blue toad of the brigade. He wears a pair of glasses and helps discover where the power star is. Glasses Toad is the smarty toad of the group.

  • Yellow Toad, seen most likely Sleeping
  • Red Captain Toad
  • Blue Toad, Seen with Glasses
  • Mailtoad, Seen with your routine letter of Peach including 5 1-ups