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  • I live in Wart's Kingdom
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is Protecting Wart's Kingdom
  • I am Questionable
  • GoombaGames

    Or at least I had done it.

    I am currently on my 105th star, but the last 15 stars are just incredibly differcult, so I have given up for now.

    Just as an reminder I have beaten this game 100% before (both with Mario and Luigi).

    Oh, and one more thing, I was racing along side Thomas J. Ashwell's versus against Blue Tanooki and they beat the game before me, even though when I raced them on SMG2, I got 2nd by a minute.

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  • GoombaGames

    what did you do today?

    This was for a 45 point assignment, and I had to graph over 30 equations of different types to create whatever I liked. Do you think I looked goods?

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  • GoombaGames

    Just I thought I should mention this as sort of an update sort of a thing. I am replaying Super Mario Galaxy 2 100% mainly because of the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 versus on Versus's channel. Here is my progress:

    Stars: 48

    Comet Medals: 20

    Note Worthy Comments: I finished the Purple Coins on the Wood Slide in one attempt, yet took 10+ attempts to beat the Purple Coins on the World 1 Hungry Luma Galaxy

    Stars: 104

    Comet Medals: 41

    Note Worthy Comments: Beat Bowser on Day 4

    Stars: 223

    Comet Medals: 48

    Note Worthy Comments: Green Stars Galore! And OH GOD WHY! The Speed Run for the Boss Blitz Galaxy it TORTURE! I spend all my lives, three game overs just to beat it with 1 second left, it's so HARD!

    Stars: 240

    Comet Medals: 48

    Note Worthy Comments: I'm so cl…

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  • GoombaGames

    I know this isn't directly related to SMG, but I was wondering, "How does the Mario Timeline play out?" the Mario Timeline does include the SMG games so I thought I should post it here. :/

    (Before I start I haven't played all the Mario Games, so I may leave some out)

    In order

    1. Donkey Kong - Because since the Donkey Kong in that game is the grandfather of the Donkey Kong in the newer games, it would mean that it takes place before Yoshi's Island.
    2. Mario Bros. - It wouldn't make since that the Mario we know today to be in Brooklin yet he is in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Mario we see in this game is the grandfather (or father) of the Mario we know today.
    3. Yoshi Island Games - They are babies, nothing more to say
    4. Mario and Luigi Partners in Time (Past) …
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  • GoombaGames

    Hi! I'm GoombaGames. I'm going to be on this wikia for a while. If you have any quesitons, feel free to ask me any quesitons!

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