Just I thought I should mention this as sort of an update sort of a thing. I am replaying Super Mario Galaxy 2 100% mainly because of the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 versus on Versus's channel. Here is my progress:

Days 1-2

Stars: 48

Comet Medals: 20

Note Worthy Comments: I finished the Purple Coins on the Wood Slide in one attempt, yet took 10+ attempts to beat the Purple Coins on the World 1 Hungry Luma Galaxy

Days 3-4

Stars: 104

Comet Medals: 41

Note Worthy Comments: Beat Bowser on Day 4

Day 5

Stars: 223

Comet Medals: 48

Note Worthy Comments: Green Stars Galore! And OH GOD WHY! The Speed Run for the Boss Blitz Galaxy it TORTURE! I spend all my lives, three game overs just to beat it with 1 second left, it's so HARD!

Day 6 

Stars: 240

Comet Medals: 48

Note Worthy Comments: I'm so close, two stars remain, two hours plus of pure pain. Welcome to the Grand Master Galaxy.

Day 7

Stars: 242

Comet Medals: 49

Note Worthy Comments: That... wasn't actually bad at all. I beat the Ultimate Test in 4 lives, and the Perfect Run in two attempts, TWO. The hardest part of this was the 9999 starbit grind. Ugh.


And that concludes my second playthrough of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It was a lot more fun then the previous play through. The Pefect Run should of taken a LOT more attempts, but I guess I'm just to pro. (Two Attempts -2nd Playthrough vs Two Years - 1st Playtrhough)

Deaths: 465

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