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  • TimmyBrock

    You know how in Super Mario Galaxy you can play as Luigi and it's called Super Luigi Galaxy? How cool do you think it would be to play as Wario. He would be slower and jump lower and closer than Mario or Luigi. He could be a challenge character forcing players to be more careful. One good thing he could do is kill enemies with spikes on their heads by jumping on them and being able to breath longer than narmal underwater. Just an idea I had. Have an awesome day!

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  • TimmyBrock

    It's My Birthday!

    May 9, 2015 by TimmyBrock

    It's my birthday! I just thought I might share. Anyway... Have an awesome day!

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  • TimmyBrock

    Hello! I'm TimmyBrock. I'm here to find out possible ways Star Bits are made.

    Star Bits are very common in the Super Mario Galaxy series. How are they formed? Given their name it's easy  to guess they come from dead stars. Since stars are so big, that would explain the great amounts of Star Bits everywhere.

    Another possible way is Lumas. In Rosalina's Storybook, Luma says Star Bits are coming out of Rosalina's eyes. Maybe that's what happens when Lumas cry.

    The last way I could think of is a little more in depth. Sweet Sweet Galaxy shows candy can naturally form in Mario space. Maybe there is an object in space spewing out sugar. The sugar can then do as rocks do in space; clump together and getting bigger because of it.

    I don't really know. J…

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  • TimmyBrock

    In Super Mario Galaxy there is a character named Queen Bee. So the question is there a King Bee. It's strange how the kingdoms of the Mario Universe seem to be more of a Queendom. In Queen Bee's case there is a reason. A Queen Bee is a real type of bee in the real world. A male bee is called a drone. So instead of King Bee I have a better idea.

    How about a boss called the Drone? Mario would have to dodge it's stingers and climb honeycomb walls. Once at the top, the Drone should fly next to Mario as Mario trys to shoot water at him. So if Super Mario Galaxy 3 ever exists, this is the the boss I would want.

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  • TimmyBrock

    Bigger Galaxies?

    April 30, 2015 by TimmyBrock

    Hello! I'm TimmyBrock! I was wondering if anyone felt that the galaxies in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 should be bigger? Take for instance in the original game. The Loopdeeloop Galaxy and the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy. They could have been combined into a larger galaxy with launch stars that were only made available after a certain amount of stars were gathered. Just an idea. What do you think? Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. And remember I do not work for Nintendo so my ideas won't mean anything in the long run.

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