Hello! I'm TimmyBrock. I'm here to find out possible ways Star Bits are made.

Star Bits are very common in the Super Mario Galaxy series. How are they formed? Given their name it's easy  to guess they come from dead stars. Since stars are so big, that would explain the great amounts of Star Bits everywhere.

Another possible way is Lumas. In Rosalina's Storybook, Luma says Star Bits are coming out of Rosalina's eyes. Maybe that's what happens when Lumas cry.

The last way I could think of is a little more in depth. Sweet Sweet Galaxy shows candy can naturally form in Mario space. Maybe there is an object in space spewing out sugar. The sugar can then do as rocks do in space; clump together and getting bigger because of it.

I don't really know. Just an idea I had. What do you think?

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