Yoshi is a character that makes his appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Eating different fruits will give him different abilities.

Yoshi is first found in Yoshi Star Galaxy. He went there to locate the Power Stars stolen by Bowser. However, Yoshi was trapped in an egg. When Mario arrives and rescues him, he will help Mario out. Yoshi will be at Starship Mario when not helping Mario.

Behavior Edit

Yoshi will act as a mount for Mario. If Yoshi takes damage, he will buck Mario off and run around frantically. Yoshi can flutter jump but does not have the ability to increase height with a triple jump. Yoshi's tongue can be used to grab onto certain objects.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Yoshi himself doesn't appear in Super Mario Galaxy, there is a secret planet that is shaped like Yoshi's head.
  • Yoshi's head can be your file picture in both games.

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