Yoshi Star Galaxy
Area World 1 
Boss(es) Giga Lakitu 
Level(s) Saddle Up With Yoshi

Spiny Control
Spiny Rainbow Romp
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3 

Stars Staricon Staricon Staricon GreenStarIcon GreenStarIcon GreenStarIcon

The Yoshi Star Galaxy is a galaxy found in World 1 of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It consists of an active volcano, hills and meadows. Mario first encounters Yoshi in this galaxy, however, he must break a magic seal to enable Yoshi's inclusion throughout the game. This galaxy is the introductory stage of the basic controls of Yoshi.


Saddle Up With YoshiEdit

This is the first mission to introduce Yoshi and how to navigate him. The player will have to travel through planets with Yoshi. The star is on the top of the wooden mountain-shaped planet in a crystal.

Spiny ControlEdit

The player will have to use Yoshi to eat up some spinies and spit it out to break some glass domes trapping the launch star. The player will fight Giga Lakitu here.

Spiny Rainbow RompEdit

The player will have to use rainbow stars to defeat 30 spinies within the time limit.

Green Star 1Edit

The green star is right above the comet medal. The player will have to flutter jump with Yoshi and eject from his saddle once at the highest point.

Green Star 2Edit

The green star is at the side of the volcano giant lump. The player will have to flutter jump with Yoshi to get to it.

Green Star 3Edit

The green star is at the top of the wooden mountain-shaped planet. Instead of breaking the normal power star out of the crystal, continue using the flower grapples to reach the green star on the far left.


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